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1939 Centennial Press Pins, Dignitary Badges, and Pins

Centennial John A Heydler Award to Mrs Jack Dunn
Mary A. Dunn Charm

One coveted Souvenir of the 1939 Baseball Centennial was a pin or badge given to a select few as identification to an event. Many tokens for the public attendance were simple reminders, in the form of a pin back to wear that day. The Press Pin was worn with pride as an acknowledgement of their importance to cover the news of the event, so to the was Dignitary Badge that single out their importance. Some of the tokens of a special day came in the form of a presentation charm. All were saved as souvenirs to remember a special day in the celebration of baseball 100th anniversary. Collectors love pins connected to the World Series, the All Star Game, or the annual meeting of the Major & Minor Leagues.

A highlight of my collection is a charm given to Mary A. Dunn President of the Baltimore Baseball and Exhibition Company and the widow of John "Jack" Dunn owner of the Baltimore Orioles most remembered for Signing Babe Ruth. After Jacks death in 1928 Mary Dunn took over ownership of the Orioles of the International League until her death in 1943. This Charm was given to her by John Heydler on behalf of National League and the United Printers International Base Ball League.

Another rarity from the Alexander Cleland estate is a pin and schedule from The All Australian Baseball Carnival celebrating the Centennial of Baseball.

All Australian Baseball Carnival Centennial Schedule
All Australian Baseball Carnival
Centennial Schedule
All Australian Baseball Carnival Centennial Pin
Australian Baseball Carnival
Centennial Pin

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